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This product is for a DTF print of 12×22 inches in size.  Files will be printed with a 24″ commercial DTF printer, ready to press.  Press twice, and cold peel.  First press at 285 degrees, for 12 seconds.  Wait for product to completely cool down, peel film layer.  Second press without film layer at 285 degree for 12 seconds.  Utilizing a craft paper to cover on the second press will give a nice satin finish.  Files submitted must be .PNG files, with transparent backgrounds.  Submit a 12×22 inch file at 300 dpi.  You can gang up whatever you want on this print.  Group things on there, utilize solid and full color, whatever you want.  Finished prints will be shipped rolled up and ready to go.  Allow 1-2 days for printing depending on volume, and shipping time.  If you need to have something expedited, please call us at 616-452-3941 M-F 10am to 6pm EST.  You can also email questions to customerservice@highschoolfanstand.com.  If you want more than one of the exact same product, just change the quantity.  If you need to order more of another graphic, please add this one to cart, and then upload another file.  Thanks.